Our core equity strategy combines a bottom up fundamental analysis with quantitative and tactical execution to maximize alpha. We seek to build diversified portfolios by sector group targeting a beta neutral portfolio and generating alpha by finding undervalued securities within that sector construct.

Core Bonds

Our core bond strategy targets long-term stable cashflows in attractively priced assets generating a combination of current income and price appreciation. We value stability and capital preservation as part of our disciplined risk management process.


methodWe build diversified portfolios specifically for the client’s needs integrating advanced technology and our deep expertise in Fixed Income markets.  We seek value globally across the risk spectrum and asset class.


Our strategy provides the investor the opportunity to participate in equity market growth while providing bond like downside protection.


We aim to capture the upward movement of equity markets, while realizing the current yield and principal protection of the bond component.

We use a rigorous quantitative approach to identify convertible bonds possessing the most advantageous asymmetrical return profiles then perform an in-depth fundamental review of the credit to solidify the investments strength.


y = Convertible Bond Price
x = Stock Price Shift %

Uncorrelated Strategies

Our uncorrelated strategy seeks to provide positive return in all markets to absolute return investors.

The strategy is unconstrained, and can achieve its objectives using derivatives, short-selling, arbitrage and unconventional assets.


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