Our fixed income approach is multi-faceted and dynamic, aiming to balance risk and return while meeting the investment objectives. Our fixed income approach incorporates the following:

Sector Allocation: The strategy would involve diversifying investments across various fixed income sectors such as government bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and asset-backed securities. This helps to spread risk and take advantage of different market conditions.

Credit Analysis: A thorough credit analysis would be conducted to assess the creditworthiness of bond issuers. The strategy would include a mix of bonds with different credit ratings, balancing higher-yield, higher-risk bonds with lower-yield, lower-risk ones to optimize the risk-return profile.

Liquidity Considerations: The strategy would ensure that a portion of the portfolio is allocated to more liquid securities to manage cash flow needs and take advantage of market opportunities. Liquidity risk would be managed by holding securities that can be easily traded without significant price impact.

Duration Management: Duration would be actively managed to control interest rate risk. This involves adjusting the portfolio’s sensitivity to interest rate changes by altering the duration of the bonds held, based on interest rate forecasts and investment horizons. 

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