Cristina Lazo

Cristina Lazo

Director of Operations

Cristina is a seasoned professional with a rich history in the financial services industry. Since the inception of the HW team in 2002, Cristina has been an integral part of the organization, contributing significantly to its growth and success. In her role as the Director of Operations, she is a versatile leader who takes on various responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning of the firm.

Her responsibilities include overseeing compliance, engaging with clients and prospects, managing marketing efforts, preparing tax returns, and providing strategic direction for the day-to-day activities of the staff. Cristina's ability to wear multiple hats showcases her dedication to streamlining operational aspects and enhancing overall efficiency.

Before her role at HW, Cristina served as the Office Manager for Hedeker Law, partnering with Dean Hedeker. With a tenure spanning over two decades, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her current position. Cristina's expertise extends to estate planning, taxes, and investment planning, making her a well-rounded professional in the financial field.

Born and educated in the Philippines, Cristina has a deep connection to her roots. Currently residing in the suburbs of Chicago with her family, she has embraced a diverse range of interests outside of her professional life. Cristina is an avid traveler who enjoys exploring new destinations, loves watching movies, and a food enthusiast who is open to trying out new culinary experiences.